About Us

Eddie Moreno & Ambar Moreno

As a husband and wife team, our photography is deeply rooted in our past and through our loving relationship and family. Our mission has always been to be creative and different. Our studio was founded in 2006, and through our journey, we have been recognized as the best wedding photographers in South Jersey. We are creative photographers in Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, and Cape May Counties with a passion for storytelling. As leaders in the industry, we consistently push the boundaries and evolve with new tools and techniques combined with various photography styles, which challenge our creativity and ability to tell compelling stories that clients desire.

We are not just photographers but artists creating unique imagery for the modern and stylish wedding couples of today and tomorrow, consistently evolving with our couples.

Ambar Moreno Wedding Photography Style

Our style of photography is rooted in photojournalism, influenced through past and present art and fashion. We accomplish this unique style by using creative lighting, different perspectives, compositions, and artistic post-production retouching to bring out our clients' personalities and beauty and all this while telling their wedding stories.

Our style is not confined to gimmicks or momentary trends; it embodies a timeless and enduring style that couples consistently long to have for their wedding photography.

Our Company Core Values

Team Work

We are partners in life and business. Individually, we are responsible for our actions and practice success together. Our core beliefs and values are what drive our commitment to perfection.

Embrace Creativity

We believe in creativity. We are always thinking out of the box and embracing diversity and giving every bit of creativity to our clients regardless of any challenges.

Client Satisfaction

We succeed when our clients are happy. Listening to and helping clients allows us to grow and love our profession.

Support and Empower

We believe that a strong family defines our actions to serve our clients better. Our support, compassion, and love for each other transcend and help us focus on what we do best: photography.

Cross Road of Accomplishments

We are passionate creatives who believe that talent, experience, hard work, and humility will help us continue our growth in our personal and professional lives.

Industry Leaders

Our standards are not based on what others in our industry think photography should be. Our clients and their satisfaction empower us. We believe in delivering high-quality products with an exceptional experience. We never settle for ‘good enough.’