Cape May Court House Wedding |  Jersey Shore
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Cape May Court House Wedding | Jersey Shore

Diamond Beach and Ocean City, which equally have beautiful wedding venues. The South Jersey shore is known for its great wedding venues and scenic coastline. It was a pleasure working with this beautiful bride. In this photo, I had her stand in the foyer of the venue so I could photograph her and capture the full length of her beautiful wedding gown. I wanted to capture the back of her dress while having her pose in an elegant and stunning way. I had her face the opposite direction of the camera. I then asked her to slightly look over her should shoulder. I made her turn her head toward the left so I could capture the soft window light that would illuminate her face and the left side of her dress. The pose turned out perfect and I was able to get a picture of the bride in a graceful and elegant position. It is so important to take advantage of available light as much as possible. The side light and soft light was directly in front of her which added to the radiant mood I was after, but also wanted to be sure there was enough texture that could be seen on her dress. The expression on her face was lovely and sweet. The lighting was instrumental in creating the romance and beauty I was after. It’s a photo with whimsical touch to it. Abbie Holmes Estate at Cape May, New Jersey is a spectacular venue that is rich and filled with so many opportunities that a photographer can use. The wedding venue is definitely a location filled with romantic settings through out its property, providing a couple an awesome experience, filled with grace and elegance. The warmth and hospitality they will receive will be memorable.

Location: Abbie Holmes Estate.

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