Cape May  Willow Creek Engagement Sunset
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Cape May Willow Creek Engagement Sunset

Willow Creek Winery Summer Engagement. We love to photograph a couple in a romantic setting as they interact with each other. We enjoyed photographing Daniel and Nicole. This couple chose the Willow Creek Winery located in West Cape May, New Jersey. The engagement session went so well that we were having so much fun and laughing the entire time as we walked the grounds of the winery. Photographing a couple together or individually has to be done at the precise moment that will the convey story you are trying to narrate. A photograph of an engagement session should always convey a feeling of love and affection. In this photo, I wanted to convey a story of romance among a casual setting as they enjoyed the outdoors. The Willow Creek Winery in West Cape May was the perfect location to capture Daniel and Nicole’s engagement as they walked the grounds and interacted with each other. The building is constructed of large timber, which made it the perfect scene and backdrop for this couple to interact as they enjoyed their wine. The Willow Creek Winery is nestled right by the Cape May shore, which is also a perfect location for engagement photos. The venue is spacious and elegant, providing spectacular architecture that is simply dramatic and beautiful. The grounds are kept so well and during the summer you'll be able to see the rows of vines filled with grapes that will be harvested for the production of wine. The photo opportunities are endless. This picture illustrates the perfect moment. Capturing the happiness and love two people have for each other. When capturing candid photos, we love to use our 70-200mm lens, which allow us to keep our distance and let the couple interact with each other. The compression on this lens brings the background closer to my subject, but it blurred just enough so it doesn’t distract from the main subject.

Location: Willow Creek Winery.

Keywords: Cape May (8), Engagement (13).