Longwood Gardens Engagement
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Longwood Gardens Engagement

Longwood Gardens Engagement. It was a beautiful day to photograph John and Danielle’s engagement. I’m so glad that they decided on Longwood Gardens. It’s among one of our favorite destination to photograph an engagement session. The setting throughout the garden is romantic and to put it simply, beautiful. Couples can enjoy a walk through the grounds as we selectively pick and choose different locations that are aesthetic and pleasing, allowing the couple to look their best. It was definitely a very hot day, but the couple took in stride and they were not affected by the weather at all. What we enjoyed the most was that John and Danielle laughed and enjoyed each other’s company and definitely felt comfortable with us. When a couple get to relax in front of the cameras that is when we begin to capture stunning photos. There were times when they even forgot that they were being photographed. I was able to capture moments where they were totally emerged with each other and their raw emotions were spectacular. I was able to capture the intimacy and every loving gesture. There was a beautiful and secluded section within the garden where the couple was able to spend some time alone. Deep green shrubs and beautiful flowers surrounded this section of the garden. In the center, there was a gorgeous fountain that I wanted to incorporate into the photograph along with the stonewall, brick stairs and palms. From my vanish point; I wanted to place the couple in direct sunlight and have them framed within the elements that was surrounding them. This picture illustrates a perfect natural looking moment between them. I’m always able to capture candid, documentary-style photos using my 70-200mm lens. It allows me to keep my distance and yet give me all opportunities to photograph the couple as they interact with each other. The selective focus I chose for this image draws the viewer directly to the couple and the surrounding flowers, which were blurred, gives the viewer a hint of how this particular location may have looked surrounded by colorful flowers.Longwood Gardens located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania is a spectacular location to photograph an engagement session. Not only are there acres and acres of flowers, there is also a beautiful and historic building nestled within the vast grounds. The grounds are maintained so well all year long and during the summer you'll be able to see the vast amount of flowers and the perfectly trimmed shrubs. In fact some shrubs are sculptured very artistically. During the winter months, Longwood Gardens is still a wonderful place to explore and photograph a couple. They adorn the garden with festive holiday decorations and lights. The photo opportunities are by far many.

Location: Longwood Gardens.

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