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Washington Square Engagement

Washington Square Park engagement. A great place for engagement and wedding photos is Washington Square Park in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s a spacious area and it lends itself to be a romantic setting surrounded by tall and historic buildings. We find that this park is usually where couples propose. This engagement session started and ended great. The couple were laughing and loving every minute. As we walked around the park, we kept stopping to take a few wide-angle images along with some close ups of the couple. Allowing the couple to interact without interfering was the best way for us to photograph the special moments they were having together. The emotion and feeling of romance resonated right to the photographs we captured. Capturing the precise moment a couple hugs or kisses is an art. It comes with years of experience and knowing when the couple will be at their best. This photograph conveys a story of love and commitment toward each other. An engagement session is all about the affection and commitment toward each other. The interaction between the couple made our job much easier. Washington Square Park is a great location as people pass by and yet the couple still gets a feeling of solitude. Washington Square Park in center city Philadelphia is nestled within historic and new architecture. We love using the historical architecture as a background and just by changing our vanish point; we can have two complete different backgrounds in our photographs. This picture illustrates a perfect moment that was photographed as the couple interacted with each other. Here we used our 70-200mm lens, which allow us to keep our distance and yet allowed this couple to be affectionate with each other. The compression of this lens isolates the couple within the photo.

Location: Washington Square.

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