Amazing Cape May Wedding - Bride
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Abbie Holmes Estates

Amazing Cape May Wedding - Bride

A gorgeous wedding venue located in Cape May, New Jersey. A wonderful location near the Jersey shore and those wonderful Cape May beaches down in South Jersey. Its a venue rich in history with a nostalgic touch and feel throughout. I definitely took advantage of the pristine location within and outside of the venue. Photographing this lovely bride was so simple. She was eager to pose for the camera. In this photo, I found a lovely vintage sofa located by the entrance of the venue. I pictured the photo I wanted to capture this bride. Her wedding gown was beautiful and my objective was capture her in an elegant manner. I imagined her in a graceful and elegant position. By the time she was posed and ready for the photograph, I had placed in way that was simply beautiful. All I need to do was be patient as I waited for the perfect expression. What I enjoyed about the location was that I was able to use two different lighting to highlight the bride. There was window light just to her right, which illuminated the right side of her face and dress, while I incorporated a soft studio light to give her left side just enough light. Photographing her lovely expression and smile was easy. Her expressions looked natural and soft. The lighting was instrumental in creating the mood I was after. I wanted to give the viewer of this image a sense of elegance, romance and beauty all combined into one. Using artificial light to supplement a scene is crucial when you want to create soft and beautiful studio quality of light. What I love about this picture is that I wanted the viewer to experience a nostalgic feeling without knowing whether this photo was taken today or decades ago. Abbie Holmes Estate at Cape May, New Jersey is a spectacular venue that is rich in history and offers opportunities that are endless. This wedding venue offers a couple a charming and romantic location that they would love to celebrate their wedding. The warmth and hospitality they will receive from everyone will be memorable.

Location: Abbie Holmes Estate.

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