Jersey Beach Wedding Near Cape May NJ
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Abbie Holmes Estates

Jersey Beach Wedding Near Cape May NJ

Abbie Holmes Estate a wedding venue located in Cape May, New Jersey. A delightful location by the Jersey shore and those breathtaking Cape May beaches down in the South Jersey area. Its a site, which is rich in history and with a nostalgic look and feel to it. The numerous locations in and outside of the venue were splendid locations to photograph this charming couple. They were always eager to have fun and be photographed in creative ways. As we walked outside, I found a gazebo where soft light would drape the couple. I tend to stay away from scenes that in my opinion are over rated or over photographed, but I had an opportunity to use the secluded location to photograph the couple in a romantic way. Because it was a secluded area, I was able to get the couples to direct their attention toward me as I instructed them on what to do. I always ask couple to pretend no one is there watching and for them to engage each other in a sweet romantic way. This approach works every time, but you need patient as the couple less absorbed with the photography and they become more engaged with each other. I was able to get the groom to attempt a soft kiss, which was not only passionate, but very engaging and genuine. In between the romantic moments, the couple would burst out laughing and having fun. Those were equally fantastic and sweet moments to photography. Abbie Holmes Estate at Cape May, New Jersey is a spectacular venue that is rich and offers so many opportunities for a photographer. The wedding venue offers romance through out its property, allowing the a couple to experience an age of grace and elegance. The warmth and hospitality they will experience will be memorable.

Location: Abbie Holmes Estate.

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