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Ashford Estates Wedding. We love is to capture a bride and groom next to an object, which tells a story and balances the out the photo. It in this case we had the couple stand in front of a beautiful fountain also surround by flowers. It added to the elegance and romance of the image. This is just one of many location we will take into consideration as we photograph a couple through the wedding day. We may interact with the couple or have them interact with us. We’ll set the moment in action and have them interact among themselves. It can turn out to be a playful moment or just a romantic moment. Every movement or reaction a couple is having will be photographed. In this photo we wanted to convey romance. There are times we will wait for the perfect moment, as the bride and groom’s are in a natural position with an expression on their face that conveys the story we want to capture. In this photo we asked her to look toward her husband and we asked him to look at her lips. The expression on both their faces and the body language was just right and the photograph was captured. We are always aiming to photograph a bride or groom at their best. We avoid posing a person if all possible. Avoiding a posed look will make the person look natural and also have a genuine expression on their face. Sometimes we ask the bride and groom to be playful and have them. Regardless of what we ask them to do, we will photograph them at the right moment. The Ashford Estates at Allentown New Jersey is a spectacular venue that offers so much. The venue is elegant and the architectural features of the building are beautiful. The grounds are definitely maintained all year around and depending on the season, you are guaranteed to see blooming flowers. The photo opportunities at this wedding venue are endless. When capturing candid or photojournalistic photos, we love to use our 70-200mm lens. It allows us to keep our distance from a person or couple, as they’re absorbed with what is occurring in front of them. The subject will totally forget that we are there photographing every moment or interaction. This lens also provides a look that is by far pleasing. Objects in the distance are compressed and it will appear closer to the person being photographed. The objects in the distance will also become blurred and only provide a hint of the actual details.

Location: The Ashford Estates.

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