Ashford Estates Wedding Venue - New Jersey
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Ashford Estates Wedding Venue - New Jersey

The Ashford Estates Wedding venue located in Allentown, New Jersey.. We enjoy photographing a couple as they walk along the grassy hill at this splendid venue. We isolated this moment as the couple enjoyed each other's company. We ask couple to be playful so we can capture those wonderful moments. We love how the sun was lighting the side of her face and wedding gown. It added to the dimension of the photo. The interaction between them was wonderful. We are always after these type of locations. Whether Its a wooded area or a busy city street, we capture couples at their best. The Ashford Estates at Allentown, New Jersey is a spectacular venue that offers so much. Its an elegant and spacious venue. It is also beautifully decorated. They maintain the grounds all year around and depending on the season, you are guaranteed to see blooming flowers. The photo opportunities at this wedding venue are endless. When capturing candid or photojournalistic photos, we love to use our 70-200mm lens. It allows us to keep our distance as we observe the couple and capture key moments.

Location: The Ashford Estates.

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