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Popular Wedding Photographer | Voorhees Township NJ

Voorhees New Jersey wedding photographer captures beautiful photos at The Mansion on Main Street. A gorgeous wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey. The venue is situated in South Jersey, but located not far from Philadelphia. The Mansion on Main Street is always beautifully decorated and so elegant with its presentation. A ceremony can be held inside or outside, depending on the weather. Before or after the ceremony, I will ask a couple to enjoy a brief moment together at a location that is visually amazing. The couple will then take a few minutes to enjoy a private moment with their spouse as I begin to photograph lovely moments that they will share together. It always a very romantic scene regardless of how busy and fast moving a day will be. I enjoy photographing couples in a way that will illustrate and represent the love they have for each other, in a contemporary fashion. I also make sure that I am photographing them with a classic and timeless look as well. My photography is always evolving and changing so a bride and groom will be amazed with their wedding photos. My style will always be consistent, but it changes to match the personalities of the couple. My style of wedding photography is seen as dynamic and never common. They will always be pictures that a bride and groom will appreciate and love. Every bride wants to be feel and look elegant and every husband want to be photographed in a distinguish style. Its the style of photography that we strive to accomplish. ..The Mansion on Main Street has always been able to capture the vision a couple would like to have for their wedding. They prepare the reception room in ways that expresses the beauty and elegance a bride and groom want to have for their wedding day. I enjoy photographing a couple as they enter the ballroom and experience for the first time the beautiful decoration and atmosphere the venue specially created for them. The expressions on their faces are priceless. Those spontaneous and endearing moments are how a couple wants to be photographed. As a photographer I need to be patient and always prepared to capture the reaction that unfolds in front of me. Those are moments that occur so quickly and I absolutely have to photograph every lovely expression in that split second. Part of being an experience wedding photographer is knowing what is going to occur and how a photograph should basically appear. Off camera lighting is so crucial when you want to bring out the mood, texture and dimension in a photograph. Selectively illuminating the couple helps me focus on the couple, but also allows me to capture enough of the background with the mood and texture I need. Its all about documenting the moment in a way that a couple will love and I can later illustrate the story in a beautiful way...The Mansion on Main Street is a five star wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey. As a Voorhees NJ Wedding photographer for The Mansion, it gives me great pleasure to photograph as many weddings as I do at this venue. It is spectacular in every sense. The environment is rich in architectural features and it offers a photographer a vast number of locations that will inspire my creativity and couples will be inspired. Elegance is the only way to describe The Mansion on Main Street, which in my opinion is a premier wedding venue destination. The hospitality offered by the staff is second to none. I find couple describing their celebration at the Mansion as a dream wedding. The Mansion on Main Street is all about the enchantment and magic a bride and groom will experience. The ballrooms will captivate a couple and their guest. Outside on the grounds, the spacious and beautiful gardens are exquisitely landscaped and every spot is inviting and ideal for a ceremony and reception.​

Location: 3000 Main St.

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