Best South Jersey Wedding Venue-The Mansion
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Best South Jersey Wedding Venue-The Mansion

As the best Cherry Hill wedding photographer, I am passionate about photographing the special moments we spend with the groom and bride as I photograph them while they prepare themselves for their wedding day. What I look for when deciding where to photograph a person will depend on the creative value of the location. I take advantage of every location a venue has to offer, whether we are inside or outside. I began the day by photographing the bride in her hotel room.In this photo, I decided to photograph the bride in her room while she posed front of the window. I wanted to capture the entire gown and give the photo a whimsical look. Even though, a hotel room is limited in space, I am able to capture the bride in a beautiful pose as I incorporate the surroundings. The light was challenging, because I wanted to illuminate her with the existing lights from the lamp that was to her side, but I also wanted to illuminate her face just enough. So I used an off camera light to give her a touch of light, but the light from the window is what provided that dreamy look to the picture. I placed the shoes on the bed so it would provide balance within the photo. Using different lighting in an indoor setting is always difficult and requires a full understanding of lighting techniques and what kind of effects it creates. The best part of photographing this beautiful bride was her eagerness to work with me as I capture her in so many different poses. I succeeded in expressing a sense of beauty and elegance by just allowing the bride to be herself. After photographing the bride at the hotel, we proceeded to the venue in Voorhees, New Jersey. The Mansion on Main Street, which is located in the heart of South Jersey, is one of the top-rated wedding venues in the entire South Jersey area. I have been photographing at the Mansion for over ten years and enjoy every opportunity I get to capture a beautiful wedding at this venue. This wedding venue is spectacular in every sense of the word. I love this location because it offers me so many opportunities and beautiful settings to photograph a couple in so many creative ways. The Mansion on Main Street provides couples an exclusive and genuine experience that is filled with elegance and romance. From the moment they arrive and throughout the entire day, the hospitality the couple will receive is top-notch. the staff is friendly and warm, but the best part is that the overall experience will always be memorable.

Location: The Mansion on Main Street.

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