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Best Wedding Photographer - Luciens Manor

Lucien’s Manor of Berlin, New Jersey is a remarkable wedding venue where we capture amazing wedding photos to match. Its a picturesque, elegant and glamorous setting, offering couples a variety of creative choices for photographers to capture during a wedding. Every room in Lucien’s is fabulous. As one of South Jersey elite wedding venue, I truly enjoy photographing wedding ceremonies and their receptions at this magnificent venue. Luciens has a long and rich history. In 1989, the newly reconstructed venue reopened its doors, bring along a bright, happy and inviting atmosphere for couples to get married and celebrate their nuptials. I love this venue and everything it offers. The bride is an attractive and lovely person. Her hair was stunningly prepared. She had on a beautiful gown by Justin Alexander that provided by Jay West. Samantha was an amazing bride with a wonderful personality. She was eager to pose and work with my ideas as I photographed her throughout the day. During the getting ready portion of the day, I enjoy capturing moments as the bride gets her makeup and puts on her dress. Everyone in her bridal party and immediate family enjoys the moments they share with her. Mom is sure to get sentimental as she slips into her gown. I like to pose the bride in ways that express her beauty and style. Lighting is equally as important in order to highlight the brides beautiful features and bring out the details of her bridal gown, which would otherwise vanish in an overexposed image or when there is a lack of shadow that provide an important element for mood, texture and dimension. I photographed her near a window that illuminated the back of her hair as I used an artificial light to highlight the front of her face. Using two or more sources of light is what brings a photograph to life. The light in this picture is soft, just like if it was studio lighting. Finally, all I needed was to wait for the perfect expression to capture this lovely portrait of the bride. When every aspect of this portrait comes together it should be instrumental in creating a mood of elegance, romance and beauty.Lucien’s Manor at Berlin, New Jersey is a spectacular venue with three amazing rooms. Every room inside Lucien’s is spectacular and worth its investment. The venue will definitely provide that magical and romantic feeling a couple wants to experience on their wedding day. All that plus the warmth and inviting hospitality they will experience will undoubtedly be memorable.

Location: Lucien's Manor.

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