Collingswood Grand Ballroom - South Jersey Wedding
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Collingswood Grand Ballroom - South Jersey Wedding

Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding. After the ceremony, I like to take a moment to walk around the room where the reception is being held and look for details that are significant. A bride and groom spend of their time right up the wedding day deciding on the details of their wedding. There are times when the couple choose a specific theme and they plan their wedding around it. In this image I photographed the wedding cake, which was beautifully decorated. The lights and shadow on this cake enhances the details of the cake and sculpts it among the black background. I enjoy photograph the details at this beautiful venue. The Collingswood Grand Ballroom located in Collingswood, New Jersey is a beautiful and elegant venue. It is a two-story venue with the dance floor visible from the second floor. The venue is simply spectacular. I enjoy capturing the emotional side of the person I’m photographing. Capturing candid documentary style photographs is my favorite way of freezing a moment in time that is special and very endearing. I spent much of the day photographing these candid moments with my favorite 70-200mm lens. This lens allows me to keep my distance from the subject I am photographing and yet it gives me the quality of photos I love to capture.

Location: Collingswood Grand Ballroom.

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