Collingswood NJ Wedding Photographer-Collingswood Grand Ballroom
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Collingswood NJ Wedding Photographer-Collingswood Grand Ballroom

Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding. The getting ready portion of a wedding day is an opportunity that I have to photograph the bride and all the details of her dress, shoes and jewelry, among other items that the bride has carefully chosen for her wedding. I also enjoy the moments that I spend with the bride as I capture her putting on her makeup or as she slips into her gown. In this photograph, I posed the bride in the center of the room in front of the mirror. I wanted to capture the entire length of her gown. I wanted to give this image a classic look and the viewer a sense of beauty. The details on the gown were simply beautiful and the shadow being casted on the dress gives the viewer a glimpse of those details. Before I take a photograph, I try to visualize how it will look after it processed. I wanted this photograph to have a classic feel to it. I made sure she was centered in the room and the mirror was on one side and her shoes can be viewed on the opposite side, which balances out the entire photograph. The Collingswood Grand Ballroom located in Collingswood, New Jersey is a beautiful and elegant venue. It is a two-story venue with the dance floor visible from the second floor. The venue is simply spectacular. They were very affectionate in front of the camera and all the candid moments we photographed were special and very endearing. We spent much of the day photographing candid moments with our favorite 70-200mm lens. This lens allows us to keep our distance from the couple as we photograph them and yet it gives us the quality of photos we love to capture. In this particular scene I used my 24-70mm lens to capture the brides gown and the surrounding scene.

Collingswood Grand Ballroom is one of the most beautiful wedding venue where couples love to have their reception. The staff are amazing and ready to serve your every need.  Its Collingswood New Jersey best wedding venue.

Location: Collingswood Grand Ballroom.

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