Elegant Wedding Photo - Bride
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Elegant Wedding Photo - Bride

As a Cinnaminson wedding photographer, I adore the moments we spend with a bride as I photograph her as she prepares herself for the wedding day. After the bride is dressed and her make up artist is complete, I love using my 85mm lens to capture flattering and sensual poses where I creatively focus on her. The best time to capture this kind of photo is during the getting ready portion of the day, when you have the time and the setting is less stressful. When I take this kind of photograph, I am always looking for natural light to illuminate the bride. I need her to be positioned near the window in an angle that creates the shadows I am looking for. If the location is cluttered, I then place her in an open area and I use my off camera light to correctly illuminate her. Photographing a bride in an elegant and flattering way takes a certain amount of skill and patience. After photographing the bride in her hotel room, we proceeded to the wedding venue in Voorhees, New Jersey. The Mansion on Main Street is a beautiful location within South Jersey. It is considered to be the best wedding venue in New Jersey. I have been photographing at the Mansion for over eleven years and enjoy every moment I get to capture a picturesque wedding. This venue is spectacular in every sense of the word. The Mansion on Main Street provides couples an exclusive and genuine experience filled with elegance and romance.

Location: The Mansion on Main Street.

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