Gorgeous Bride At Cape May New Jersey Wedding
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Gorgeous Bride At Cape May New Jersey Wedding

Abbie Holmes Estate is a beautiful wedding venue located in Cape May, New Jersey. A wonderful location near the Jersey shore and those wonderful Cape May beaches down in South Jersey. The venue is rich in history and it has nostalgic look and feel to it. I took full advantage of the location in and outside of the venue to photograph this lovely couple who was eager to work with me on a hot and humid day. ..In this photo, I found a lovely vintage sofa that would serve as a perfect addition to the photo I wanted to capture with the bride. Because the bride had such a beautiful wedding gown, I wanted to capture the entire gown. But in order to show off her gown, I needed to get her in pose that would show her in a graceful and elegant position. I had her take off her shoes and place her legs up on the couch. Now I had the perfect pose to display her dress. All I needed was then to position her and wait for the right expression. What I enjoyed about the location was that I had the opportunity to use different lighting to highlight the bride. There was window light, which illuminated her right side and I also used soft studio lighting to illuminate her left side. I accented the scene with her shoes that were placed next to the sofa just within the frame of the picture. I was able to photograph her lovely expression and smile, which came naturally to her. The lighting was instrumental in creating a mood of elegance, romance and beauty. Using the artificial light helped me create that soft and beautiful studio quality of light. What I love about this picture is that I wanted the viewer to experience a feeling of nostalgia as if it was captured at a romantic movie scene from decades ago. ..Abbie Holmes Estate at Cape May, New Jersey is a spectacular venue that is rich and offers so many opportunities for a photographer. The wedding venue offers romance through out its property, allowing the a couple to experience an age of grace and elegance. The warmth and hospitality they will experience will be memorable. .

Location: Abbie Holmes Estate.

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