Luciens Manor - First Look
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Luciens Manor - First Look

Beautiful and creative wedding photos captured at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, New Jersey is a spectacular wedding venue and we provide spectacular photos to match. With a picturesque, elegant and stylish setting, providing couples a variety of creative choices for photographing their wedding. Every room in Lucien’s is magical and they have managed to create an impressive setting for all of them. As one of South Jersey best wedding venue, I enjoy photographing wedding ceremonies and receptions at this delightful venue. Its an honor to be chosen to photograph weddings at Lucien’s Manor. My photos are consistently awarded the best wedding photography in New Jersey. Combine our wedding photography with a wonderful Lucien’s Manor experience and brides will without a doubt be thrilled with their day and overall experience. The venue has a bright, happy and inviting atmosphere for every couple that wants to celebrate their nuptials. Samantha and Brian were a wonderful bride and groom to photograph. They were both eager to pose and work with my ideas as I photographed them throughout the day. I enjoyed capturing their first-look, which they decided to have at their backyard. The yard with pretty and it added an element of romance to the photo. It was a sunny day, but the trees provided a dapple effect onto the ground, which was actually beautiful. As the couple interacted, I captured this beautiful and romantic moment between them. After photographing them, I chose to convert this photo into a black and white image. The features and details in this photograph were more pronounced when it was converted to a black and white photo. After capturing this picture, I ended up with a beautiful and classic work of art that the couple truly loved. Lucien’s Manor at Berlin, New Jersey is an outstanding venue with a variety of scenic features where the bride and groom can be beautifully photographed. The wedding venue definitely provides that magical and romantic feeling a couple wants to experience on their wedding day. Add the warmth and hospitality they will experience on their wedding day, it will definitely be a memorable event.

Location: Lucien's Manor.

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