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South Jersey Prom Photographer-Voorhees NJ

Senior pictures on Prom day at Voorhees, New Jersey. Its a special day for these two high school seniors who were getting ready to attend the Eastern high school senior prom.Creative and artistic high school senior photos are one of the most treasured pictures that seniors and parents have to remember their early years. When photographing seniors or juniors on prom day, we like approach the session with an eye for creativity, all while capturing the students personalities, their dresses or suits, which were carefully selected. We want to make sure that the portraits we capture will tell their story and match their personalities as they remember on the day the photos were taken. In order to capture beautiful and artistic photos, we look for beautiful and meaningful scenes. Items of interest in the background or foreground may be strategically place within the frame of the picture. I like to use natural light or introduce my own lighting to create soft and beautiful studio quality lighting. In this picture, I asked the couple to pose in front of a mirror so I could capture their reflection while slightly framing them with a silhouette of the their backs. The seniors in this photo have been dating for a while so it was easy to pose them together in a very loving and romantic way. To best capture the beauty of two young adults who are in love is to simply ask them to take in the excitement and beauty of the moment. Prom day is a time when students share in the excitement of nearing graduation and they celebrate their milestone. It takes time to capture a special and sincere expression, which can be friendly, quirky or even romantic as seen with this couple. Its only a matter of time before the couple begin interacting with each other. I immediately begin to capture those special moments. Even though the photograph or the moment is staged, the actual interaction and expression when the photograph is taken will be genuine and heartfelt. All it takes is patience and imagination to capture those special moments. Seniors or Juniors who go with friends to the prom can also be captured in an artistic and creative style. Moments like when they laugh or poke fun at each other are memorable moments that they will value forever.

Location: Voorhees, New Jersey.

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