South Jersey Wedding-Bride and Groom
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South Jersey Wedding-Bride and Groom

South Jersey Wedding. We totally enjoyed this intimate and private wedding at the couple’s backyard. Couples sometimes feel that a backyard wedding may not be romantic and elegant as they hope for, but it was the furthest from the truth with this couple. They beautifully decorated the yard, which covered with white canopies just in case it would start to rain. They had light spread throughout the yard and the tables were nicely decorated. I enjoyed the moments that were spent with this couple and they were up to spending time with me as I photographed them throughout the day. The style of photography I use allows me to capture moments between the couple, family and guest this special and endearing. Shortly after the ceremony, I photographed the couple and I also took several portraits by themselves. The bride was beautifully dressed in a classic gown and the headpiece was just amazing. I wanted to just isolate the bride in this photo and yet have the groom appear off to the side. I made sure they interacted with each other. I was able to capture the interaction between them, which was simply beautiful. I used my 70-200mm lens to selectively capture the bride and have the back of the groom appear in a distinguishable blur. They had their beautiful wedding in their backyard located in Merchantville, New Jersey. The ceremony was held outside on the front lawn as the reception was held in the backyard. Some of the photographs were converted into black and white images to give it a classic and timeless look.

Location: Merchantville, New Jersey.

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