Waters Edge South Jersey Wedding-bride
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Waters Edge South Jersey Wedding-bride

Waters Edge South Jersey Wedding. Our day started with the bride and groom at their hotel room, as they were getting ready for their outdoor wedding at Waters Edge Marina. We spent early afternoon photographing the details that the bride and groom so specifically chose for their wedding. The details were based on their nautical theme that they had planed for their wedding. This is part of the day we get to enjoy very much with the bride and the groom. During this time I love to photograph the bride as she interact with her bridesmaids. This is a photograph I enjoy capturing often. It brings out the contour of her face and the vanish point it’s a very flattering look. The photograph gives the view the perspective of looking down on the bride, but your attention is always focused on the eyes. The different expressions along with the window light illuminating the bride’s face provide a beautiful and elegant look for the bride. After the getting ready portion of the day, our next stop was Waters Edge located in Berkeley Township, New Jersey. This venue is spacious, but what caught our eyes was the marina along with the beautiful and spectacular view of the bay. Photographing the bride and groom outside of the venue was spectacular and the interaction between them was priceless. They totally immersed themselves in the planning of their wedding, which paid off at the end. The Waters Edge at Bayville is a gorgeous venue, which underwent massive renovation after enduring the wrath of hurricane Sandy. The venue is elegant and absolutely beautiful. The photo opportunities at this venue are endless.

Location: The Waters Edge.

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