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Wedding Photographer | Videographer in Wildwood NJ

Wedding Photographer in Wildwood at ICONA Resort. A beautiful wedding venue destination at the Wildwood Crest Jersey shore. The wedding reception is exceptionally prepared underneath a tent on the beach. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your gorgeous and festive wedding. The ceremony takes place on the private beach where family and guest can witness a couple exchange their vows. What makes it so spectacular is that your wedding overlooks the beach and ocean. I captured some stunning and beautiful pictures of the bride and groom just outside the venue on the beach. I truly enjoy capturing photos shortly after sunset. I find that the best time to capture the deep blue color sky, which is a beautiful backdrop for any photograph. The venue overlooks the private beach and private beach. I was able to capture the entire beach and venue while the couple stood on the beach. It was a beautiful picture of the couple and the gorgeous scene of the shore. ..The couple found this photo to be one of the best among their collection of pictures. In this scenario, I had to use my lighting to create soft and beautiful studio quality lighting on the couple as they stood on the beach. I mixed the existing ambient light from inside the venue with some of my off camera lighting. I set them up with a particular pose, but then I asked them to enjoy the moment as I photograph them. It didn’t take long before the couple was immersed in the moment, which I was able to capture for them. I love to create genuine moments when couples have an opportunity to express their emotions. The picture is a true reflection of an intimate moment between the couple as they share a simple laughter among themselves on their beautiful wedding day. I find that the best way to capture the beauty and genuine reaction of two people in love is simply to ask them to take in the excitement and reflect on the significance of their special day. I ask them to express those feelings through their love for each other by just a simple touch or a simple smile and sometimes I get to capture a wonderful laughter. Before you know it, the couple is romantically interacting with each other. Even though the moment is staged, their feelings and interaction is real. All it takes is patience and an artistic eye to capture those romantic and unforgettable scenes. ..ICONA Resorts located in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey is a beautiful venue at the Jersey shore. ICONA Resort has several wedding venue located in Avalon, New Jersey and Cape May, New Jersey. ICONA Golden Inn and ICONA Cape May are spectacular wedding venues as well. These are wedding venues that I enjoy photographing every year. The reception area is always beautifully staged and prepared with decorations the couple choose to have for their wedding. I enjoy taking advantage of all the great scenic areas at the venue. The most important part of capturing weddings is being able to see and capture the most important part of the day when couples are interacting with their family and guest. Photographing all those wonderful moments is a privilege and I simply love capturing them all to tell the full story in a beautiful and compelling way..

Location: 9701 Atlantic Ave.

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