Woodlake Country Club Wedding
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Ambar Moreno

Woodlake Country Club Wedding

Woodlake Country Club wedding venue at Ocean County, Lakewood, New Jersey. The country club is a beautiful and spacious venue. It offers a couple the beauty of its location and a grand reception area. I find that Woodlake Country Club provides me the opportunity to photograph couples in various locations throughout the venue, including wonderful pictures I capture beyond the venue. The bridal suite is absolutely spacious. It allows a photographer to move about as the bride gets ready with her bridesmaids. There is plenty of light that comes in from the windows. ..There is a public pool along side the venue. I particularly enjoy photographing in this area every time I get to photograph a wedding at this lovely venue. I take advantage of the pool after the sun sets so I can capture beautiful mirror images of the couple on the surface of the water. I place the couple at one end of the pool as I photograph close to the ground on the opposite side. I was able to capture this beautiful and intense photograph of the couple alongside the pool. The reflection was absolutely stunning. I was able to create a beautiful, artistic photograph of them. The couple fell in love with this photo as did the wedding venue. Woodlake Country club definitely have beautiful views of the entire golf course, which I love to use as a background in my pictures. I enjoy creating pictures before and after the sun sets. The deep blue color of the sky is a perfect backdrop to any photo. Spending time outside with just the couple is an opportunity where the couple get to enjoy before the reception begins and it gives me the chance to photograph as they interact with each other. Those spontaneous and loving moments is what I strive to capture while taking advantage of the location. ..The most important part of capturing weddings is being able to see and capture the most important part of the day when couples are interacting with their family and guest. Photographing all those wonderful moments is a privilege and I simply love capturing them all to tell the full story in a beautiful and compelling way.

Location: Lakewood.

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