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South Jersey wedding - Cape May, NJ

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As a Congress Hall wedding photographer in Cape May, New Jersey, I have the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful weddings at this lovely hotel. Weddings in the historic Cape May town has always been popular among brides and grooms. Its a beautiful wedding venue located at the southern point of the Jersey shore. The venue is filled with charm and beauty throughout. Its one of Americas oldest seaside resort. Congress Hall features the simple pleasures of the past with the modern amenities that couples enjoy today. The venue gives couples a glimpse into Cape May through its quaint Victorian architecture. The wedding venue is one of the top wedding destinations in the country. There is not need for the couple to stay at another location. The hotel is spacious and host your stay their for as long as you like. I begin by capturing beautiful photos of the bride and bridal party as they prepare in the spacious bridal suite. If the weather permits, the ceremony will be held outside with the view of the beach and beautiful jersey shore, while the grand venue surrounds the couple. Following the ceremony, we venture out the beach where I simply enjoy capturing the bride and groom along with the bridal party have fun on the beach. I will also photograph the couple by themselves with the gran view of the venue behind them. Then it is time for the reception. Congress Hall has a reception room that is spacious and filled with charm. Their wedding is memorable and enjoyable...This couple decided to have a reveal before the ceremony. I photographed the bride as she was exiting the main entrance of the venue. It was such a beautiful moment and her expression was priceless. She was wearing a gorgeous wedding gown and carrying her bouquet of flowers. ..Congress Hall is located in historic Cape May, NJ. A beautiful venue nestled in the heart of a beautiful shore town at the southern point of New Jersey. It's a location that I simply enjoy photographing weddings. There are so many locations within the venue where I take a couple and photograph them. No matter how many times I get to photograph a wedding at Congress Hall, I always walk away with creative wedding pictures with the bride and groom that are different every time. The most important part of capturing wedding is having the ability to anticipate and see a special moment. Its the interaction between a bride and groom or the interaction between family and friends. I love capturing photos that collectively captures the entire story of a beautiful wedding and love story.

Location: 200 Congress Pl, Cape May, NJ.

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