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ChopHouse Wedding Photographer | Gibbsboro NJ

The Chophouse Wedding Photographer

The ChopHouse Restaurant in Gibbsboro NJ is a magnificent wedding venue. It offers great service, outstanding cuisine, and a splendid lakeside view.

The Chophouse is located next to a beautiful lake by the historic Paint Works. The lake is picturesque any time of the year. During the evening, the ambiance of the venue matches the picturesque view of the lake and surrounding trees.

Besides the scenic lake, there are equally as many locations throughout the venue where couples can be photographed. Guests adore the quaint and friendly atmosphere the restaurant has to offer.

The venue offers a wonderful décor that adds to the charm of any wedding. Even in the middle of winter and after a snowstorm, the lake can be just as beautiful and it provides a scenic background where wedding couples can be photographed. These are the moments that will forever be remembered.

The ChopHouse is a wonderful restaurant and wedding venue with an amazing selection of cuisines. The staff is incredibly friendly and attentive to every detail. The venue is a highly recommend wedding establishment where couples can plan their intimate wedding

Location: 4 Lakeview Dr S, Gibbsboro, NJ.

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