Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding First Look
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Collingwood Grand Ballroom wedding

Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding First Look

Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding Photographer

The Grand Ballroom is a beautiful wedding venue. I enjoy photographing weddings at this is gorgeous and spacious venue. Your ceremony can be held outside or the venue can accommodate your ceremony within the ballroom. In minutes they will transform the ballroom to a beautiful reception room.

The Collingswood Grand Ballroom is a very unique location. With its 1920’s style décor, dramatic staircase, and polished cherry wood details – there is simply no other venue like it in Southern New Jersey!

The main focal point of the ballroom is grand stairs leading to the second floor overlooking the ballroom. Family and guest get to see the bride and groom from above as they have their first dance. The grand pillars in front of the venue are amazing and charming. What wonderful memories I get to photograph and share with the bride and groom.

A first look or reveal give couples an opportunity to see each other before the ceremony. The time spent together together is a moment that I enjoy very much because it gives me the chance to photograph moments that are adorable and beautiful. I love this picture because for a brief moment the wind captured her veil and I was able to photograph this beautiful scene.

Photographing the bride and groom by themselves are moments that are lovely and couples will always cherish. If we have the time, I will always escort the couple inside the Scottish Rite Theater where I creatively photograph the couple. The Collingswood Grand Ballroom is truly an amazing venue. The entire staff is friendly and eager to to make your day special.

Location: 315 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ.

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