Adelphia Restaurant and Lounge Wedding
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Adelphia Restaurant and Lounge Wedding

Adelphia Wedding. It was a gorgeous day for Adam and Ashley’s wedding. We started our day at the Fellowship Community Church where the couple had an intimate ceremony with family and friends. After the ceremony, we spent sometime outside the church to photograph the couple, bridal party and family during a beautiful sunset. Capturing different formal photos of the bridal group is a must, but we also spent part of this day photographing the couple as the sunset was just above the horizon.  What I love is the golden tone of the sun that falls on a couple.  In this picture, I had the groom face the sunlight as he looked down. Capturing the groom from this vanish point and at this angle gave me a photo that thought provoking and elegant. The highlights and shadows on the face gave me the dimension I was after. After the lovely ceremony, we traveled over to the venue where we captured many additional photographs of the couple outside the venue. Their reception was held at the beautiful Adelphia Restaurant and Lounge located in Deptford, New Jersey. The reception room was grand and it was beautifully lit and decorated. There were so many locations within the venue where I was able to take the couple to have them photographed with a gorgeous background. Every photograph was simply wonderful and creative. I also converted many of the photos I captured into black and white images to give it a classical and timeless look. We have photographing at Adelphia for years and this venue can be described as beautiful with an amazing architcteure. 

Location: Adelphia Restaurant and Lounge Wedding.

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