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South Jersey Engagement Sayen Gardens

This was our first time photographing at Sayen Gardens located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. It has become one of our favorite locations for engagements. The setting is romantic and simply beautiful. This couple enjoyed walking through the entire grounds as we photograph them in different locations. We photographed on a wood bridge that was surrounded by tall trees and a beautiful pond. They laughed and enjoyed there moment together. There is metal gazebo that was perfect as a background and also a romantic location as they interacted with each other. Photographing this couple together was a joy. We were able to capture moments that were intimate and loving. It is a spectacular location in Hamilton Township for any engagement. Not only are there acres of flowers and paths, it is also a beautiful and historic location. After we photographed this couple at the gardens, we headed over to Princeton University. The historic buildings were great locations for these couples to explore and spend time as we photographed their adventurous walk. Princeton University is another perfect location for an engagement photo session. This picture were just one of several perfect moments that we were able to capture between them. Candid photos are best captured using a 70-200mm lens. It allows us to keep our distance and yet photograph those precious moments are having with each other. The compression of this lens brought the background closer to our couples, while only revealing a hint of detail. When the background is grand and unique, we use our 24-70mm or 17-35mm lens that will allow us to capture an entire scene.

Location: Longwood Gardens.

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