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Braddocks Tavern Weddings - Creative Photographer

Medford NJ

Braddocks Tavern is synonymous with elegant and fine dining. It is a Colonial-style, circa-1844 institution for casual-yet-elegant American entrees & cocktails located in Medford, South Jersey. It's a beautiful banquet hall for weddings and many other events. The decor and ambiance are gorgeous and vintage. Couples love this amazing wedding venue.

A bride and groom will enjoy all those special moments and create memories that will forever be part of their lives.

Braddocks Tavern has been hosting weddings for decades and because it is located in historic Medford New Jersey, couples get to enjoy the surrounding scenery. The venue has an adjoining patio that serves as an excellent location for an intimate ceremony. Later in the day, they turn his location into a central area where guests can enjoy a cocktail and relax from all the dancing and celebration. The quaint and friendly atmosphere is warm and inviting. A wonderful combination for guests. As photographers, we truly enjoy the charm that inspires us to capture amazing photos in and around the Tavern. It gives a photographer the ability to envision creative and artistic photos that couples will cherish forever.

Location: 39 S Main St, Medford, NJ.

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