Mansion on Main Street Wedding-Voorhees, NJ
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Mansion on Main Street Wedding-Voorhees, NJ

Mansion on Main Street Wedding Photographer - Voorhees NJ

The Mansion on Main Street is a gorgeous wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey. The venue is situated in South Jersey and not far from center city Philadelphia. It is always beautifully decorated and it is so elegant in every way possible. The ceremony can be held outside or inside, depending on the weather. Shortly after the ceremony, I asked the couple to enjoy a brief moment together in the lounge located next to the ballroom on the second floor. The couple took time to enjoy a drink and some laughter. It was a very romantic scene. Converting the picture to a black and white image gives this photo a classic and timeless look to it. I am always looking to capture a scene in a different way or style. Taking this photo from the outside looking in was the artistic look I was after. It was easy for the couple to be consumed by the moment and their wedding in general. It is a beautiful and stunning environment that is always decorated with such elegance. The Mansion is always able to capture a couples vision and prepare the reception room in a way that expresses beauty. ..It was not long before I started photographing the couple and their wonderful expressions. In order to capture those spontaneous, genuine and most of all endearing moments, you need to be patient and be prepared to capture the reaction that basically unfolds in front of you. These are moments that occur so quickly and yet I need to capture every lovely expression in a split second. Part of being prepared is also knowing where the off camera light is located and who its going to illuminate the couple. The reason for using off camera light is so I can create the mood, texture and dimension I would like to photograph. Selectively illuminating the couple helps me create the correct exposure in the background with the mood I wanted to create. Its all about documenting the moment in a way that I can later illustrate the story of the day. The final part of capturing a couple is time as I wait for that natural and romantic expression. ..This top rated wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey is spectacular in every sense. The environment is rich in architectural features and offers a photographer a vast number of options to capture inspiring pictures. Elegance is the only way to describe The Mansion on Main Street, which in my opinion is a premier wedding venue destination. The hospitality offered by the staff is second to none. I find couple describing their celebration at the Mansion as a dream wedding. The Mansion on Main Street is all about the enchantment and magic. The ballrooms will captivate a couple as well as guest. Outside on the grounds, the spacious and beautiful gardens are exqueistely landscaped and it surrounds you with inviting spots, ideal for your ceremony and reception.

Location: 3000 Main St.

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