Collingswood Ballroom - South Jersey Wedding
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Southern New Jersey wedding

Collingswood Ballroom - South Jersey Wedding

Collingswood Grand Ballroom Wedding Photographer

The Collingswood Grand Ballroom is a beautiful and elegant wedding venue.  As a Collingswood NJ wedding photographer, I enjoy capturing pictures at this is gorgeous and spacious venue.  You can have your ceremony outside or they can accommodate your ceremony in the ballroom.  Within minutes they can prepare the ballroom for your reception.  I have been photographing weddings at Collingswood Grand Ballroom for years and I am always inspired by what I can creatively capture. The main focal point of the ballroom is grand stairs leading to the second floor.  Family and guest will get to see the bride and groom from above as they have their first spotlight dance.  The grand pillars in front of the venue are amazing and charming.  Photographing a couple out front will give couple a splendid memory of their wedding day.  A reminder of their wedding and the fun they had enjoying their celebration.

Everyone at a wedding always enjoy seeing the flower girl. At this wedding, family and guest were so excited to see the flower girl walk down the stairs onto the ballroom.  The flower girl was absolutely adorable. As she walked down the stairs, I captured her photographed as she gave us all a great big smile. She happened to glance at the camera and I was able to capture her endearing smile. 

The Collingswood Grand Ballroom located in Collingswood, New Jersey is a beautiful and elegant venue. It is a two-story venue with the dance floor visible from the second floor. The venue is simply spectacular. I enjoy capturing the emotional side of the person I’m photographing. Capturing candid documentary style photographs is my favorite way of freezing a moment in time that is special and very endearing. I spent much of the day photographing these candid moments with my favorite 70-200mm lens. This lens allows me to keep my distance from the subject I am photographing and yet it gives me the quality of photos I love to capture.

Location: 315 White Horse Pike.

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