Wedding Picture-Mansion on Main Street-Voorhees NJ
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Wedding Picture-Mansion on Main Street-Voorhees NJ

Top Mansion on Main Street Wedding Photographer

The Mansion on Main Street is a gorgeous wedding venue located in Voorhees, New Jersey. The venue is not far from center city Philadelphia. The venue is beautifully decorated and elegant in every way. Shortly after the ceremony, the couple wanted to see the reception area for the first time. As they entered, I was able to see how they were taken back by the beautiful way the tables were prepared. They were amazed and excited with how their wedding planner, Lauren Schmitz from Table 1 Events, prepared the reception room and the wedding cocktail area. It wasn’t long before I started to photograph the couple and their wonderful expressions. In order to capture spontaneous and genuine and endearing moments, you need to be patient and prepared to capture those would images. These are moments that occur so quickly and yet I need to capture every lovely expression. Part of being prepared is also knowing where the off camera flash is located and where they are relative to the couple. The reason for using off camera flash is to create the mood, texture and dimension in the photo you are capturing. Selectively illuminating the couple helps me create the correct exposure in the background with the mood I wanted to create. All I now need was to wait for that natural and romantic expression. This top rated wedding venue, which is located in Voorhees, New Jersey is a spectacular environment that is rich in architectural features and offers a photographer a vast number of options to capture inspiring pictures. Elegance is the only way to describe The Mansion on Main Street, which is a premier wedding venue destination. The hospitality offered by the staff is second to none.

Location: The Mansion on Main Street.

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