Atrium at Curtis Center Wedding-Greek wedding
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Atrium at Curtis Center Wedding-Greek wedding

Atrium at Curtis Center Wedding. Photographing a wedding at the Atrium of Curtis Center on Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a location that epitomizes grandeur. The twelve-story building with its glass ceiling is a beautiful place to photograph a wedding. We began the day outside of Philadelphia at the bride’s residence where we photographed the getting ready portion of the day. Afterward we traveled to the church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey where they married. We were then off to the venue at the Atrium of Curtis Center in Center City Philadelphia next to the Constitution center. The wedding reception began late in the afternoon as the light can be seen streaming through the glass ceiling of the Atrium. I photographed the couple dancing underneath the Atrium along with their guest. We later converted the photographs to a black and white image that gave it a sense of romance and elegance. The black and white photo also gave this image a sense of a nostalgic feel to it. The grand chandeliers were used as our backdrop to some of our photos as the couple danced the night away. As the evening progressed, family and guest started to dance and interact with the couple. It was a traditional Greek Wedding and the fun was non-stop. We were photographing guests as they began their customary dance and started to fling dollar bills in the air. We photographed the couple and their guest who were shocked and full of amazement. We enjoy photographing couples as they interact with their family and guest. These are photojournalistic moments that are precious. We were able to capture these precise moments that are always valued and appreciated by our clients. The Atrium at Curtis Center is located in center city Philadelphia right next to Independence Hall. The park located in front of the Independence Hall is another location that is perfect for formal wedding photographs. After finishing at the park we walked back to the Curtis Center and photographed the couple on the steps to the center with the grand columns in the background. The photo opportunities are endless. When capturing candid portraits, we love to use our 70-200mm lens in order not to interfere with the moment and the compression will bring the background closer with only a hint of detail. When the background is grand and unique, we use our 24-70mm or 17-35mm lens that will assure us to capture the entire scene.

Location: Atrium at Curtis Center.

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