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Chophouse wedding-Gibbsboro NJ Photographer

ChopHouse Wedding

ChopHouse wedding. Grromsmen smoking in front of the stacks. This was a wonderful wedding held at Lakeside Manor located in Gibbsboro, New Jersey. I started the day at the hotel with the bride and groom. Before heading to the venue I started the day by photographing the bride as she prepared herself for the wedding. It’s part of the day that I truly enjoy photographing. There are so many opportunities to photograph the bride as she interacts with her bridesmaids and her immediate family. I also take my time to photograph all the details that the bride and groom have meticulously selected for their wedding. The groom and groomsmen were also fun to photograph.Later in the evening, this was a photograph I wanted to capture with all the groomsmen. They were looking forward to smoking their cigars and I positioned them where I was able to capture all of them along with the smoke stacks in the background. Lakeside Manor located in Gibbsboro, New Jersey is a wonderful venue. The lake in the background and the pathway surrounding the lake is a perfect scenic location to photograph a wedding. We try to take advantage of all the great locations around the lake as well as the venue. The interaction that we witness throughout the day is what we value the most. It’s the moments and wonderful expressions that bring a photo to life. We enjoy photographing the bride as she interacts with her husband. We certainly enjoy photographing couples at their best. Capturing moments, as when a bride is laughing with her bridesmaids or when the bride takes a moment for herself to simply reflect on her day, are the magical moments I enjoy photographing. Lakeside Manor in Gibbsboro, New Jersey is adorned with several smoke stacks that are considered a historic landmark. The venue is also located next to a beautiful lake with a spectacular view of the area. There are many photo opportunities at this venue. When capturing candid portraits, we love to use our 70-200mm lens. It allows us to keep our distance and yet it allows us to capture the moments and details that I look to capture.

Location: 4 Lakeview Dr S, Gibbsboro, NJ .

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