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Galloway Township NJ Wedding Photographer

Carriage House Wedding Photographer

The Carriage House in Galloway Township, New Jersey is a venue that was inspired by the grace and timeless beauty of the great Southern plantations. It has three spacious and charming reception ballrooms. The Magnolia, the Grand Savannah and the Azalea are all reception rooms that can accommodate 300 or more guest.

The venue also has three perfect locations for ceremonies. The Foyer can accommodate up to 125 guest. The larger Magnolia room can house over 300 guest or you can simply have your ceremony outside at the beautiful garden area which can also accommodate over 300 guest.

It has been voted as one of the top ten wedding venue in New Jersey. Every detail has been specially chosen to highlight the dignified majesty of the home's great traditional allure.

The beautiful staircase at the entrance of the of the venue is a location where bride and grooms would love to have their photograph taken. The grounds outside of the venue are also beautiful and an amazing sunset will add to the many photographs we will capture at this lovely venue.

The warmth and hospitality offered by the staff will make your wedding day special and memorable.

Location: 25 S Pitney Rd, Galloway, NJ.

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