Scotland Run South Jersey Wedding
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Scotland Run South Jersey Wedding

Scotland Run Country Club Wedding Photographer

Scotland Run Wedding. We started out the day at the bride’s residence in center city, Philadelphia. Her bridesmaids and her mother were there helping her and also getting ready. We begin the day by photographing the details, such as the dress, shoes and jewelry just to name a few. Besides the getting ready portion of the day, we enjoy the time we spend with the bride and groom at the venue. During this time, we photographed the couple underneath the pergola with so much foliage and flowers that added an artistic touch to this photo. Because the foliage was blocking the overhead sunlight, we were able to capture the couple with the subtle light that was striking their faces. The story being conveyed is of romance with a touch of playfulness between the couple. There is always room for other interpretation of the photograph and that’s what gave this particular photo a sense of elegance. I used the 70-200mm lens to capture a beautiful interaction between the bride and her groom. It allowed me to keep my distance, but yet it afforded me the opportunity to photograph the special moment the couple was having with each other. Scotland Run Country Club, located in Williamstown, New Jersey offers so many location a couple could be photographed. This wedding venue offers a gorgeous Wedding Pavilion and oversize Garden overlooking the grounds. It’s a venue is simply beautiful and offers so much. The gorgeous landscape and beautiful pergola is one of our favorites. It is covered with flowering wisteria and the winding brick walkway adds to the charm. The array of seasonal flowers also adds to the colorful and vibrant photographs we always enjoy taking outside. The ballroom is grand and with a stunning view overlooking the amazing golf course. It’s a photograph that we enjoy capturing as the sun sets. We love spending time outside capturing stunning photos of the skyline, which vary in color and adds to the mood and dimension of every photo we take. We also can’t forget the tranquil goldfish pond with its waterfall that is nestled next to the Pavilion. The photo opportunities in and outside of the venue are many and we always manage to capture different photos that are always creative, beautiful and unique.

Location: 2626 Fries Mill Rd.

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