First Dance-Windsor Ballroom wedding
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Windsor Ballroom Wedding

First Dance-Windsor Ballroom wedding

Windsor Ballroom-Bride and Groom First Dance

Windsor Ballroom at the Holiday Inn East Windsor in Mercer County. Known for its exquisite menu and personalize your vision. The staff will cater to your every need. Your family and friends will equally be thrilled with their stay. Everyone at Ambar Moreno Photography is equally passionate. Every beautiful moment of your day will be preserved. As the couple enjoys their first dance, we photograph that special moment that will live forever in your photographs and video. We go to great lengths to make everyone’s experience delightful. At Ambar Moreno Photography, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Every photo captured is masterfully retouched. Plan your next wedding with Ambar Moreno Photography.

Location: 399 Monmouth St, East Windsor, NJ.

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